About Us

Yajushi Chemistry Solutions LLP, research firm established in 2020, is committed to providing unique chemistry solutions to pharmaceutical industry with high quality and reliability. The primary focus of our services is into synthetic organic chemistry for simple to complex problems that include route scouting for APIs and API intermediates for non-infringing routes, process development for small quantities in research laboratory to larger quantities needed for further development in clinicals and even larger quantities required for commercial production, contract research services for the synthesis of compound libraries, design of scaffolds, large-scale NCE synthesis of chiral and other complex molecules and chemistry services to drug discovery to support early drug discovery to late stage clinical candidates including scale-up for selected lead candidates for evaluation in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies.


Our team has expertise in the diverse areas of organic synthesis and cavernous scientific experience in process chemistry, medicinal chemistry, basic research in organic chemistry and process engineering to position us as a preferred partner in outsourcing life science industry projects.


Our mission is to provide high quality and cost efficiency pharmaceutical products to serve the need and meet the expectations of the customers across the globe.


Our vision is to be the go-to chemistry solutions provider with a robust expertise and platform to deliver results.



Highly committed to produce quality products and delivering projects


Maintaining consistent and close attention of projects and clients


Reliable communication and accountability with customers