Contract Research

Contract Research is a service that provides support to the academic or industry in the form of outsourced research services such as route scouting, developing cost-effective alternative routes and process development for APIs, and their intermediates, including scale-up optimization for R&D routes, optimisation of process routes for commercialisation.

Yajushi Chemistry Solutions team has been working on contract research services for the synthesis of compound libraries, design of scaffolds, large-scale NCE synthesis of chiral and other complex molecules by utilizing established synthetic routes, modifying client synthetic route and identifying novel routes.

Yajushi is committed to maintain strict confidentiality and IP control of our clients. Our experienced team can perform and deliver a wide range of chemical solutions in the diverse chemistry areas.

Services offered from Yajushi:

  • Development of synthetic routes for Pharma and Agro chemicals
  • Cost-efficient modification of existing routes
  • Scale up of key intermediates from gm to kg scale
  • Development of Kilo-lab synthesis
  • Optimization route for commercialization
  • Synthesis of impurities for Pharma and Agro

Process Development & Optimization

Process chemistry involves development of processes for the synthesis of compounds selected from small quantities in research laboratory to the larger quantities that are required for further development in clinicals and even larger quantities required for commercial production. Process chemistry plays key role in manufacturing APIs and their intermediates.

Yajushi Chemistry Solutions team is an excellent blend of expertise that understands the intricacies of process development, including route identification, green process development and collecting Engineering Data. Our team brings scientific proficiency to design, develop and optimize process routes for reliable, cost-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly processes to address the customer needs, irrespective of the chemical complexity.

Services offered from Yajushi:

  • Processes for lead and clinical candidates
  • Design and synthesis of new routes for APIs
  • Development of non-infringing routes for APIs
  • Process optimization & scale-up from lab to pilot scale
  • Demonstration of process route in Kilo-lab
  • Process Intensification
  • Process Engineering for Commercialization

Early Stage Drug Discovery

Medicinal Chemistry is the interdisciplinary field linked to multiple scientific disciplines (such as, synthetic organic chemists, analytical chemists, biologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists and microbiologists) and allows for collaboration with other scientists during the research and development phase for new drugs.

Yajushi Chemistry Solutions has experience in small molecule drug discovery and development by the generation of leads and pre-clinical candidates in areas like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cancer, and Dengue. Our team has the expertise to support the design and synthesis of new analogs for hit expansion and lead optimization through efficient SAR study. We work closely with customers to design and synthesise new compounds for their drug discovery projects for the identification of lead candidates and clinical candidates. Our discovery team can support the clients in the large-scale production of leads for pharmacological profiling and preclinical studies. Ultimately, our medicinal chemistry team can support to customers as an extension of their in-house expertise and capability.

Services offered from Yajushi:

  • Synthesis of compounds for target identification and validation
  • Re-synthesis and key analogs synthesis for hit confirmation
  • Design and synthesis of analogs for hit to lead and lead optimization
  • Focused library design and synthesis for hit to lead or lead optimization
  • Scale-up of compounds for in-vitro and in-vivo PK
  • Design and synthesis of analogs for lead optimization
  • Large scale synthesis of lead compounds for tox studies
  • Synthesis of key intermediates for SAR expansion

Chemistry with Gaseous Reagents

Chemical reactions under heterogeneous chemistry conditions with solid-liquid-gas and liquid-gas phase are interesting and challenging yet will be very useful for the development of diverse class of products and intermediates.

Yajushi chemical solutions has reasonable experience in handling such reactions with different gases and will undertake the development of products using gases.

Services offered from Yajushi:

  • Fluoro alkylation and fluorination
  • Introduction of tert-butyl group
  • Amination
  • Hydrogenation
  • Ozonolysis

Bio-based Products

The climate change and environmental health has triggered a serious research activity on Renewable Resources, wherein Europe is leading such active research. Conversion of biomass into chemicals and their transformation into bio-based intermediates and solvents is thus a thrust area.

Yajushi chemistry solutions has experience in the conversion of biomass and their platform chemicals into diverse products and solvents. We at Yajushi can help the customers with bio-refineries and biomass platform chemicals for the development of chemicals with value-addition

Services offered from Yajushi:

  • Biomass to platform chemicals
  • Conversion of furan derivatives into value added products
  • Conversion of sugars into chemicals and bio-solvents
  • Conversion of sugars to rare and high-value sugars